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Think that this site is the coolest thing since sliced bread. I wanted to take a second and introduce myself and freely admit that I have a problem. Its noticed by my neighbors, my wife and even my children. I enjoy all things turf. Not really sure how this happened and never could see that I have essentially turned into my father and his quest for a nice lawn.

I have about 13000 sq./ft. of Empire Zoysia (very manageable) and attend the annual Turf grass field day put on by University of Florida in Jay Florida. I take off work to attend and pick up new information. I enjoy everything about my lawn as it really is a place of therapy for me when mowing or whatever. Suppose that its a place to connect with nature and having a nice lawn makes the house look x10's better. As far as my OCD: I have learned all the names of the weeds in my yard. Have had Sod Web-Worm yearly, mole crickets, moles (total pain in the ***) and the newest critter is Tuttle Mealy bug. I even know the folks at the SiteOne turf shop by their first name.

So just wanted to say thanks for such a great site and allowing me to become a member to gain/share information.

"Since I was a gozillionare, I cut that grass for free"
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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