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Tell me about Steiners

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This is a breakout of this post.

Ridgerunner said:
I mean we all know I WOULD scrape snow off another vehicle all winter so I could work on a triplex but CMON!!!!! Mrs. HLG is too smoking haaawwwt not to listen to!!!!! :rotfl:
Just the type of situation I've been looking for to live through vicariously.
Has over 25M of lawn. Check!
Mows low. Check!
Burning desire for a triplex. Check!
Arguably lives in snow country. Check, check!
Lives within driving of Ohio. Check!

You NEED this:
Don't let the brand name scare you, it's a Ransomes/Jacobsen unit retrofit.
But you'll need this:
or this:
Here's the plan for getting it by "she who must be obeyed:"
"Honey, I want to make sure you can get out of the driveway safely when it snows, but with my (insert: bad back, football injury, bum knee- I used my age, but you're probably too young), I'm just not sure I'm going to always be up to it, so with this:
and this
I can always make sure you are never snow bound.
Then you explain how it's a 'no brainer' to replace the current mowers with this:
This actually might be perfect. It would be great if I could have one device for mowing and leaf mulching to save space, reel mow (.5" - 2" range), and actually - my wife had asked about a snow plow - so that would totally help sell it.

Anyways - can these pull a spreader / sprayer? I don't see a hitch on them.

ETA: put my comment in the quote ooooooops
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Ridgerunner said:
Picture of mine:
Have any more pics of the whole machine? Very cool. :thumbup:
I think I remembered that as I hit submit. It looks well cared for. :thumbup:

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Ridgerunner said:
So I'm guessing a fairway mower would have a minimum HOC. Would that minimum be low enough to get the kind of effect that you are aiming for with your KBG, or would it be too hihg for that carpet look?
Yes, but I would say it is above the lowest HOC most of us are dealing with. For example, a Toro Reelmaster® 3100 has a HOC range of 6.4 mm to 6.4 cm (0.25 - 2.5 inches).
dfw_pilot said:
It's none of my business but I think you made the right call!

Fun fact #1: Ed Hochuli is also an attorney.

Fun fact #2: Walt Coleman is the only active NFL referee with more tenure (29 years), and he is a 6th generation operator of a family dairy.

For me it's just hard to imagine those guys fly home to a day job the next day. Sorry to derail. :)
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