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Greens mowers produce better stripes because of both the front roller and rear drum.

This might sound/look crazy...but what about adding a rear striper to a reel, so you'd now have a front and rear roller??
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I think any improvement in results would be negligible. I have a John Deere 220E with a floating head, so it has a front and rear roller on the cutting head, plus the rear drum drive. I don't really notice any significant difference in its striping ability over my Toro Greensmaster 1000. With bermuda, I think you would be better off repeating the same mowing pattern to get better stripe definition... and just know that our bermuda will never stripe as easily as the lawns of our cool season brethren.
ahartzell said:
I'm also wanting mine to stripe better...seems as though the stripe edges are not very defined. Nothing like a baseball field where it looks like they're painted on. They also look great at first buy fade within the next day or so.
Bermuda is a lot of things, but it is just not a good grass for striping. When you see bermuda striped at a sporting event, they've burned in that pattern by mowing it over and over again. Also, stadiums are ideal for viewing stripes because the turf is lit from all angles. On a home lawn, you're limited by the location of the sun at any given time. LCN actually did a pretty good video about optimizing your mowing direction for stripes.

ETA video...

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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