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Straw bales gardening

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Read about this recently and thought I'd give it a try. Composted the barrels for about a month with blood meal.
Grew all seeds indoors, tomatoes are dwarf varieties. Directly seeded green beans
Will try to add more pictures later, kind of a mess with the leftover seed trays sitting on the bales.

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Updated pictures. Really impressed with the progress. I've never had zucchini before early June. Tomato blossoms are present.

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chrismar said:
Wow! Looks great!
Thanks. I'll try to keep the thread updated with pictures.
j4c11 said:
So what exactly did you do to those straw bales? I'm not familiar with the process.
I composted them with blood meal. It was cold when I bought them so it took 1 month.

The bales themselves don't have enough nutrients without the composting. Happy to share more details with anyone interested
Rackhouse Mayor said:
Looks awesome. I never had success with squash or zucchini. It'd be doing find and then the next day, bam, dead. I finally figured out that I kept getting Squash Vine Borers each year. I no longer grow them. Good luck!
Yeah, the SVB was a big problem at my previous house. Goal is to start them early and get what you can until they start. I don't spray. The trombocinnie (sp?) Is resistant to the squash vine borer and tastes great, unfortunately it's a vine
pennstater2005 said:
probasestealer said:
tromboncino squash
At first I thought something was oozing out of your dishwasher :lol:
This was actually at our old home just after changing the dishwasher. It looks like it was before I cleaned up my mess or put the shoe molding back..
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