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St. Augustine lawn and Shade

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Hey y'all, I'm new here to the forum and would like your opinion on my St Aug lawn.

I'm from South Carolina about thirty minutes below Charlotte, NC. I love laboring in the lawn, I enjoy seeing the fruits of those labors by the green grass that comes of it. At my old house I took a weed infested yard to a beautifully kept fescue lawn, and I received much of the DYI advice via YouTube. I now live just across town and my lawn is St. Aug mixed with many other species of grass and weeds. Half of my lawn is shaded from two large trees, and you can tell where the shade line starts at, that's where the thickness of the St Aug starts to thin, eventually mixing in with weeds. Last year I didn't do much as far as chemicals because I read that most herbicides will kill the Aug, I put out some 16-25-12 with Mesa and didn't see much of a change to the lawns appearance. I have a few questions; first, what post emergent can I put out that won't kill the St Aug? Second, what's the best fert for St Aug to provoke it to grow in the shaded areas? and third, much like the lawn cultural practices found with Bermuda and Zoysia are there practices similar to those that I could use on the St Aug lawn?
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Alan said:
I ordered mine online a couple years ago, so I don't recall what site exactly. I failed to put any PreM down this past fall, so I am paying the price with all kinds of crap weeds, most notably spurweed, which if you're not familiar has stickers.
Eff, that sounds rough. Are you using a post M to try to remedy the situation?
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