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St Augustine Grey Spot Recovery

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I purchased a house from a single lady who did not like to go outside. As a result the yard was neglected for over 20yrs. I inherited this yard with all 4 of the 4 season grasses. I have what I believe to be both Emerald and Z-52 Zoysia, St Augustine, Common Bermuda, and Centipede. I also had several trees removed and there are lots of bare ground. The predominant grass type is St Augustine. I joined the forum looking for help because earlier this year all I had was clover and weeds. I have been trying to push the grass hoping to get it to fill in the bare spots with whatever grass type is adjacent to. I received my soil sample back early in the year and my soil was very acidic.

I am using this yard to learn and hope to do a full sod renovation in the next 1 -2 years. In the meantime it is my goal to just push growth make mistakes and learn everything I can before that time. This forum has been a tremendous resource and my yard is almost entirely weed free after just one full rate application of Celcius. It is amazing.

Here is what I have done so far which is probably why I have such bad Grey Spot.

4lbs/1000 of 24-2-11 (1lb/1000 N)
4lbs/1000 of Pelletized Lime

Core Aerate

12lb/1000 of Pelletized Lime
High rate broadcast Celcius application for broadleaf weeds high rate stunted the growth of the St Augustine for almost 2 weeks.

4lbs/1000 of 24-2-11 (1lb/1000 N)

Significant rain event from tropical storm. I noticed the fungus starting right before I left for a work trip. Returned 3 days later and all of the St Augusine was covered in Grey Leaf Spot.

What did I do wrong and what can I do about it now? Should I treat with a preventative fungicide or can I treat it now? Would an Iron application help? Should I stop with nitrogen applications? Would love any advice.

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I had a similar problem in my yard. Yes, it is a fungus I used propiconazole 14.3 and I hope like hell it works.
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Cman said:
Thanks for the response @Ecks from Tex . I will get back on the fertilizer just wanted to hold off until I knew what to do about the fungus. I will try eagle 20. I have a site one nearby that I think I can get it.

@CenlaLowell Let me know how yours works out. I really should gotten on this earlier but analysis paralysis kicked in and I was not certain what to do. Unfortunately I will be out of town for the next 6 days but this will be my first chore when I get back. Hope it isn't to late by then. :eek:
I'm also thinking about buying a class 11 fungicide also, putting it down in 30 days. I'll keep in touch letting you know how the first one works out.
HewKnowHew said:
What's up yall?! I am facing the same issues my lawn. I have put down a bag or headway G (has worked the best for me), I have put an application of Propiconazole 14.3 and Eagle 20 and I just can't shake this fungus. I have also been using Milorganite(I am now off that ban wagon), N-ext products (RGS, Microgreem, Air8)...and I think that's it. I took a soil sample and know I need some potassium in my from this information and from you guys that have dealt with or are curently dealing with this offer me any advice? I put that Eagle down yesterday and I just put down down some Microgreen (0-0-2) and Air8 from GCF. I am pretty nervous about losing my lawn! It looks worse now than in the picture. Thanks!
Make sure to water you lawn consistency, but only in the morning it will come back. I'm still working on a small part of my lawn, the rest has already came back.
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