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Spring Prodiamine and Fall Renovation

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I had someone reach out to me recently about a fall renovation and they put down 5lbs/1000 sq ft of .37% prodiamine on March 31st. Can someone check my math as I said that they put down a 7 month barrier of prodiamine. Also I suggested coring and then verticutting(slit seeding) to break up the barrier before seed down. Anyone have any success or other tips when someone wants to renovate after putting down this type of rate.

Pete1313 said:
Did the math on the prodiamine rate.
You did 5 lb/1000 of .37%
5×.0037=.0185 lb/1000 of AI(prodiamine)
To convert to amount/acre
.0185×43.56=.80586 lb/acre of AI
.80586 lb/acre rate of AI provides protection for up to 7 months. Unfortunately if you plan on seeding this year you will need to disturb the soil.
A .80586 lb/acre rate of AI is the equivalent to 1.25 lb/acre of prodiamine 65 WDG.
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Some of the granular products have a table of month prior to overseed.

4.9lb/ksqft of the 0-0-7 0.37% prodiamine has *** for North and 6 months for transition / south.

Heavy aeration and above normal seed rate is the only thing I could think of doing.
I would aerate now (this weekend) since we had rain and the soil is soft. I would go multiple passes. I would then aerate again a week before seed down.

Prodiamine has a half life and you will be approaching it's end of life. It has a reduce effect as time goes on. I would then also go a little more on the heavy side of seeds qty/ksqft.

I just remember into this study by Purdue (Boiler up!). I was wrong. Look at treatment 20, it was at 0.75ia/acre and it still had 89 control in August.

Therefore aearate a lot and have a backup plan if thing don't go as planned.
I don't understand his recommendation. 3 applications of prodiamine at that rate will exceed the yearly max. I discussed with the grassfactor doing a 3 apps splitting the yearly max, but I haven't tried it.

LCN joined the site, but hasn't posted. I'm not sure if he is reading, but I will ping him. @LawnCareNut . If it is a mistake he should know to fix it or explain the rational. Maybe that coukd be the dimension rate.
@Pete1313 The lb/M of seed depends on the seeds. TTTF goes at a higher lb rate than kbg. But in agreement, too much seed might cause fungus problems.
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