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Spring Prodiamine and Fall Renovation

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I had someone reach out to me recently about a fall renovation and they put down 5lbs/1000 sq ft of .37% prodiamine on March 31st. Can someone check my math as I said that they put down a 7 month barrier of prodiamine. Also I suggested coring and then verticutting(slit seeding) to break up the barrier before seed down. Anyone have any success or other tips when someone wants to renovate after putting down this type of rate.

Pete1313 said:
Did the math on the prodiamine rate.
You did 5 lb/1000 of .37%
5×.0037=.0185 lb/1000 of AI(prodiamine)
To convert to amount/acre
.0185×43.56=.80586 lb/acre of AI
.80586 lb/acre rate of AI provides protection for up to 7 months. Unfortunately if you plan on seeding this year you will need to disturb the soil.
A .80586 lb/acre rate of AI is the equivalent to 1.25 lb/acre of prodiamine 65 WDG.
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@KHARPS welcome to TLF! It does sound like aeration is what is going to be needed in your situation. I would core it up and then drag it smooth like I did before seed down or you could core and then run over it with a verticutter/slit seeder in a few passes before seeding.
KHARPS said:
What do most of you who are planning on renovating in the fall put down in the spring? Just a lower rate to get you by for 4 months?
The last 3 renovations I did had no spring pre-m of any kind. Whatever that was going to pop up was going to be killed with glyphosate in june.
LawnCareNut said:
If someone had planned to do a full reno (glypho kill, scrape, seed) then there should have never been any need for fert, pre-M, weed control, none of it. Just mowing and blowing I'd suspect.
I 100% agree, no need for pre-M in a full reno year. Just keep it alive and plan a quick release fertilizer a couple weeks before the kill. Keeping it growing well before the glyphosate will get a better kill.

LawnCareNut said:
Apply seed heavy - like 10lbs/1000 and water water water.... Seed is cheap. :) .
I disagree with 10 lbs/M of seed for a 100% KBG reno. I understand increasing the rate because of the chance that the Pre-M might decrease some germination. I had good success seeding at 2 lbs/M on my reno. In your situation I might increase the seed rate to 3-4 lbs/M. Too much seed/germination will increase the chances of a fungus in a first year lawn.
g-man said:
Pete1313 The lb/M of seed depends on the seeds. TTTF goes at a higher lb rate than kbg. But in agreement, too much seed might cause fungus problems.
Agreed, @KHARPS is planning a 100% KBG reno.

KHARPS said:
I'm hoping you can help me break this Prodiamine barrier and give me any advice to set myself up for a successful renovation using either 100% bewitched or a bewitched/ award/ midnight trifecta. I have 20lb bewitched and 10lb award/midnight blend and approximately 7,000 sq ft backyard and 3,000 sq ft front/side yard.
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