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Spraying Pyrethrins for Mosquito Control With an Indoor/Outdoor Cat

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Looking at getting a mosquito mister system installed at the house and the company states they generally use Riptide which is pyrethrins and have had no issues with customers who have cats.

I understand both pyrethrins (natural) and pyrethroids (synthetic) are both toxic to cats due to their inability for their liver to digest the enzyme, however, it seems at smaller doses, at least looking around the internet, that pyrethrins are less toxic and breakdown way faster making it the lesser of the two evils when worrying about an indoor/outdoor cat.

Any experiences using this active ingredient around cats? I'm guessing I just need to find another AI that isn't so dangerous to our feline friends.
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Appears as though the dilution rate for the spray system is 64oz per 55gallons of water which is a little less than a 1% dilution ratio. Factor in the Riptide is a 5% AI mixture you are looking at 0.046% dilution ratio of the active ingredient. Looking around it appears as though anything less than 0.2% is generally safe for cats...

Appears I should be okay but any feedback would be great.
I dunno. Seems overkill though. I suggest Inzecto traps as a first step. Worked pretty good last year. I’m going to try again this year.

INZECTO Mosquito Trap - Device to Effectively Attract Mosquitoes and Kill Larvae - Revolutionary Outdoor Mosquito Solution Simply Activated by Water (1 Trap)
No specific experience, but when in doubt the animals come first for me, i wouldn't risk it. Plenty of traps and other options I'd try first.
I'll give the traps a try. I can always just spray the Demand CS when the cat is inside and stop being lazy. Appreciate the replies.
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