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Sprayed tenacity twice, still poa seedheads

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So i sprayed tenacity twice so far, third time at reduced rate yesterday.

My lawn is still full of poa seed heads that are low to the ground. I mow at 3.5 and they are not getting caught. I had hoped they were KBG seed heads (mixed lawn TTTF, Rye and KBG), but they are thinner and smaller than the KBG i have seen online.

How is that still possible. You would think two coats of the tenacity should have killed it.

On a sad note, i dropped the bottle of tenacity and it flowed onto the dirt :(
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id say save your tenacity! my yard was full of poa a about 4 weeks ago. spot sprayed 3 apps of tenacity and all it did was bleached my KBG. weather here has been around 90 consistently and now just about all of my poa a is dead/gone. what is left is browning at the top and makes the yard a little unsightly though.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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