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Hey all,

Looking for input on the best way to spoon feed 0.25lb N/k of FAST N to a 500 sq ft area.

This works out to a measly amount of urea which I have no idea how I would spread evenly

Idea here is inspired by @gregonfire Reno, but as an overseed project this fall with PRG and start spooning it out 4 or 5 weeks post seed.

Alternatively use Milo at same rate? I know it's mostly slow release.

Or is this a gross overcomplication of a simple overseed, and starter + whatever later on will suffice.

Appreciate the input.

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You could also switch to AS. Since it is 21% by weight vs 46% of urea, the total weight is higher. I use a Scott wizz to apply 1lb/ksqft (~0.20lb N/ksqft).

I also like the idea of spraying it.
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