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Spin or relief grind

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How do you tell if your reel has a spin grin or relief grind. Are you able to tell from these pics I took of my McLane. My understanding is if it is a spin grind you cannot backlap but if it is relief you can. My reel has gotten real dull from my scalp and a couple cuts. Wanting to know if I can backlap or not?

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The guy I use only does spin grind. I asked about relief and he just told me he has not seen the need over the 20 plus years he has been maintaining equipment. I can't debate the topic but I can say two months into a spin only, cut every other day, I can cut a single sheet of paper and have only adjusted by one click so far. I have the stuff to backlap but I guess when the time comes I will drop my cutting unit off.
Reading my post again, let me say it another way. I asked for a relief grind and would like to be able to backlap at home. The guy that does the work on my reel only does spin. He is about 5 minutes away and returns the cutting unit about a half day later. My other option that I know about will do relief but the wait is about 2 weeks. So, I use the spin only and so far no issues but when the time comes I will have to take it to the guy that does it. The one advantage I have is the flex model. I am only dropping off the cutting unit. It would be nice to have a second to swap back and forth but from what I have seen I can buy another full mower for about the same price. Like I said before, I have nothing to debate and if asked I tell people get a relief in addition to the spin but for me, right now, I dont have the option.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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