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SoilSavvy results help.

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background: zone 8a, compacted gray/black clay soil
This is the first test I've done since moving into the new construction home in Dec.2016. pH and Nitrogen levels seem ok. Phosphorous and potash are low i know and are a little easier remedied than my primary concerns on this result.

The Calcium, Sulfur, and Sodium are off the charts insane. I've done a bit of googling but haven't really found anything to help bring these to normal levels. Suggestions or Ideas are welcomed.

As a side note. I was planning on leveling my lawn with sand in the coming month or two, but with the Sodium levels i've come to rethink it, any reason i shouldn't be worried with leveling with sand?
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I wouldn't worry about P and K. Those elements get bound easily to particles in your soil and become unavailable to the plants. I've added two photos of their cycles and how they interact with the soils.
If your turf isn't showing signs of deficiency with these two elements I wouldn't worry about it.

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Colonel K0rn said:
Smectite sounds like a gibberish word :p
Lol that's how I felt while learning this.
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