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Soil Plug Analysis

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Hi all,

Just got a Pro-Plugger and have a 2 questions (Pic Below):

1. Does this look like a good core? Visually, I notice a top layer of sand from my top dressing efforts, but otherwise I don't know enough about what to look for.

2. I have a Soil Savy test kit - Not sure if this is the ideal soil testing option but I had thrown it in my Amazon cart last week. When providing them a sample, which part of the core should I be getting my sample from? Or do I mix all the soil up first? this is a 4" deep plug.

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Take a few samples around your lawn.. I do about 5.. take the soil that the roots are in about 3 to 4 inch down.. mix them all up, remove all dead roots rocks. Put it in your sample jar send it off..
Just take the bottom one inch.. and mix with your other samples
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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