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Please DO NOT let the term "container" in the title of the forgoing "distract" you -

The following is an incredibly lengthy (and yet even today ongoing) discussion regarding proper soil composition (whether planting in the Earth or a container) for some of the more "finicky" species that repay us with such awesome dividends (I.e., the laurels, rhododendrons, the acer palmatum Family, etc., etc.)

It is one of the more informative and practical online discussions I have come across and one which I relied upon heavily in mixing the soil for one recent particular specimen planting. The intro is great by itself (Especially the paragraphs after the sub-title, "Consider This If You Will" - which explain why the practice of layering the bottom of layering holes with "big blocks of coarser" materials is not such a sound practice, in science, after all).

Hope it helps any!

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