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Ok all. Temporarily homeless due to selling one house before the new one is done (opps). Anyway new lawn will be 5500 SF and will be mostly sun with some partial shade. It will be fully irragated With all the rain in Georgia the past couple of weeks and more for this week I am hoping the second week of June to get the yard in. Plan is to put down milo at about 8-10 lbs per thousand prior to sod after final grade. Sod will be cut and laid same day as sod farm is 5 minutes from new house. Planning on tiftuf Bermuda and spend the first half of summer letting it get a good root system and letting all "settling" occur. Will use current lawnboy and cut at 1.5 or so. Then beginning August or so plan to start leveling with sand. Ride through the winter and scalp early in the year and level some more. Santa is bringing me a California Trimmer (she just doesn't know it yet 🤣). Beginning in the spring plan is to keep it at .75 or less. Will also aerate in the spring as well and possibly have it verticut if I can find someone to do it. What can you think of that I am missing. Thanks and hope to post some pictures before long 😎
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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