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SNOWBOB11's Lawn Journal 2018

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Hi all, I wanted to start a journal for the upcoming season so I can share my progress with my lawn this year.

Some background on the lawn. Last year I did a full renovation to my 2500 sq ft front, 500 sq ft side yards. This was the second reno I've done on the lawn. First was several years ago when I reno'd from a weed infested lawn to a nomix lawn. Last year I got tired of having to overseed the nomix every year so I went for it and reno'd again to a bewitched KBG monostand. The reno went pretty well and I was mostly happy with how it turned out.

I have a bunch of things I'd like to get done this year.

1. I'd like to thicken up the thin areas that didn't come in as well last year
2. Get into using more grain fertilizers like alfalfa, soy bean and cracked corn
3. Get the lawn on a proper pre-e schedule
4. Start using PGR and FAS (this one I'm excited about)
5. Fight fungal issues earlier and better
6. Get a new Honda HRX 217 mower to replace my older Briggs and Stratton

These are just a few things. I'm also going to try and level some areas of the lawn. It's not what I'd call bumpy but it does have some uneven areas that I'd like to take care of.

If time permits I would also like do a reno on my small under 1k backyard. I'll probably use the same bewitched seeds as I used for the front yard but will have to consider mixing in some fine fescue as the back yard has some very shady areas.

It's still early here to get into lawn stuff (the overnight low the next few nights is going to be around 8°F) but figured I'd start my journal now anyways.

Will soon get some pics up of how the lawn looks now. Until then here's a pic from last years reno.
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To continue the conversation around a 220E, I would recommend a swardman instead. Your lawn size is small and manuvering the swardman will be easier.
12 weeks of control per this label
I like the no mulch look on that tree. The lawn is looking good. Be careful with the rate of pgr since you are having some fungus issue. Go to the low end first.
That sounds good to start with. What is your hoc? I'm at 0.55 rate on my nomix at 25mm.
On the bottom left it looks like the leaves have some white to them. Could you get closer images. From a distance it could be fairy ring.
That's a great price. It has 11 blade reel, but that's ok. With winter approaching you have the advantage in the negotiation. They will sit until spring and he might want to get rid of them.
^do a small backyard section first, so you could use it to compare it in the spring.
1 - 9 of 85 Posts
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