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"Single application per season fertilizer" from Menards

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This is a Menard's brand, but looks to mostly "polymer coated urea"...claiming it releases up to 6 months. They sell a version with or without dithiopyr...but both are 35-0-6.

Has anyone tried a product like this?

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No, I have not. I wouldn't use it for my goals, personally. It would supply far too little Nitrogen over the season at random times when it may not be helpful, like summer.

Pre-emergent goes down weeks before your turf likely needs a heavy dose of Nitrogen anyways, and I like to have more control over when the Nitrogen is released into the soil.

Spreading out 1 lb of Nitrogen per K over 6 months is underfeeding PR, fescue, or KBG. It needs much more than that unless you want a better-than-doing-nothing lawn.
Yeah, if you're the guy that has time to make one application a year in the spring, and will be happy with the results - this is the product for you!

But 6 months of release time??? Paying a lot for polymer coating! :D
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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