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Sidewalk Renovation

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I have a 300 sqft - 100' x 3' space between the sidewalk and the curb. The sidewalk was installed a few years ago. The installation and the ground level are not equal heights along the length of the sidewalk. In order to better explain, at one end you could slide several fingers under the sidewalk. On the other end, the soil level is higher than the top of the sidewalk. The area has patchy Bermuda grass coverage, of an unknown cultivar, from when I installed a sprinkler system this summer.

My plan is to kill all the Bermuda variant in that area with multiple applications of glyphosate, add in additional topsoil, sand, and maybe some compost, till it all together, and then level it out.

I am torn between planting sod, sprigging, or planting plugs.

I can get a pallet of 500sqft of TifTuf sod, locally, for about $200 and would need to lay the sod myself.

If I plant plugs, I will need to purchase a plugger tool, then plant between 300 plugs or 1200 plugs depending on whether I plan on 12" or 6" centers, respectively. This would cost me $50 + time.

If I sprig, I am a bit concerned about erosion considering there is a slope on my front yard, which leads to water run-off that has/would washed dirt off this sidewalk strip and into the street. For sprigs, I'd have to go to a different sod farm that is a six hour round trip drive.

I also have to raise the height of some of all of my sprinkler heads to account for settling and raising the ground height, which will be done prior to planting, no matter the method selected.

Considering I will be planting, I will avoid pre-emergent application on that area in the spring.

I am considering temporarily installing staked in flower bed edging along the sidewalk to discourage soil run off during establishment.

Are there any considerations I am overlooking?
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Being such a small space I would sod it. You wouldn't even need a full pallet so it would be less than $200. Unless you need the extra to fill in some spots from your spriging.
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