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Should i overseed or not [Paspalum]

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Hello guys, been reading on overseeding. I have paspalum It was installed about 45 days ago..

I am thinking the grass will go dormant maybe November. From what i have gathered, i need to verticut it and then seed it with perennial ryegrass.

Is it that simple?

I live in CA, so when would be the time to do this?

Do i cut back on water?

I have read some threads on this, but is paspalum treated the same as a Bermuda ?

Sorry for the noob questions, but this all new to me...

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I wouldn't overseed it. With it being freshly laid sod you will want to let it mature before overseeing it with rye. Is there a reason you want to overseed the paspalum?
southernguy311 said:
So basically it stayed green for 54 weeks last year.
What time frame are you using? :D
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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