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Seeding/Plugging Advice

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Hey all,

I moved into this house about a year ago and I am just now focusing on the lawn. It is all bermuda right now with the exception of all the annual bluegrass :oops:. I live in Northeastern Oklahoma.

The house faces south, so I have to slim (6ft) strips of land on either side. I know for sure the east side of the house does not get enough sun for the bermuda as it is very patchy. The west side of the house seems to grow it alright, but not great.

I am wondering what my best course of action is now. Should I try Zoycia or will I still not have enough sun for that? Pictures below.

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Spammage said:
In my opinion, you will never be very successful with bermuda on those sides. This is a pic of my West side (house faces South like yours) showing my zoysia and the neighbors berm...poa farm. You can see that the zoysia is even spreading onto his side. The thin area at the front of the pic is one of my few remaining bermuda areas, and the zoysia is overtaking it, but at it's slow pace.
Yeah, that looks much better. What type of zoysia do you have and did you purchase the house with it or install it later?
SCGrassMan said:
How did you get the seed to stay on the siding? 😂

Sorry couldn't resist. I have Zeon, which hasn't done very well in the shady areas to be honest.

I think centipede or STA would be a better bet, but the cultivar of Zoysia shown above seems to be doing well also!
The cultivar available in my area is Meyer. I can go to the sod store and get a few rolls for $6 a piece and plug it. The bermuda is definitely there but it's very leggy and thin. If the Zoysia doesn't work out, then I may just fill it in with a nice rock garden :lol:
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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