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A couple years ago we had a very wet summer (hurricanes and tropical storms) and my front yard started to get heavy kyllinga. I didn't do much last year as by the time I noticed it it was too late to spray but about 2 weeks ago I decided to buy Sedgehammer and spray over the problem areas. Now, my yard in these areas is brown/yellow. Granted the Kyllinga is dying, I think I may have damaged the Centipede (one day I will put the Zeon in the front).

My question is, is this normal? I know I missed a couple areas and want to go back and treat those but don't want to do more damage if I am applying it wrong. I used a 1gal sprayer and sprayed on all areas that had Kyllinga in it.

Man, my front yard was so thick. This may start the push to lay Zeon in the front because the back is starting to look real nice.

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