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Screwdriver test not good

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Okay guys need some help. I'm seeding the second week of September. Currently nuking the lawn. I have a few good sized spots in my lawn that nothing has ever grown but crabgrass there. I did the screwdriver test and it only goes down about 3 inches after a decent rain. Should I just use baby shampoo on the area for the next four weeks and triple aerate it before seeding? Or should I till this area up down to six inches a week before seeding? I didn't get to Harley rake this area 2 years ago when I built my house. I ran out of time for the rental..
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Back in May my soil would only give me 3 inches or less.
Two applications of baby shampoo changed that considerably, and I added a third recently (which comes out to an application about every 3-4 weeks). I can now get 5-6 inches pretty consistently on most areas tested.
I'm surprised by the effectiveness. I don't know if you will have similar results with shampoo (you surely don't have 3 months to work with). It just happened to work with my particular set of circumstances--note that I am in a newly constructed house as well. I say go for it: worse case scenario is you're out 20 bucks or so and an hour for application time.
I've got humic acid and kelp extract on standby. I plan to use the humic acid near my seed date and possibly the kelp as well.
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