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Screamin' Green

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As many have mentioned, it has been really tough to find Milorganite of late. My local Walmarts, HD's and Lowe's were all out. So this morning, I stopped at SiteOne in Mountainside, NJ on my way to the office and bought 50 pound bag of Screamin' Green. I see people are fond of it and I need to get some fertilizer down soon before it heats up. I was surprised how cheap it was, $23 per bag.... which will cover my property twice. Versus the ~$30 per app I usually spend on milo or ringer. Are there any knocks on this stuff that I am missing?
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Lucky you...$23 per bag. Up here, they get about $35 per bag!

It's really a synthetic that also has Milorganite (Actually OceanGro as the rumor goes...maybe that's why you pay less in NJ) as well as chicken manure...but man, do it do a good job in a convenient pre-mixed formula.
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