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SCGrassMan's Toro GM1600

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Guess what's on its way?!?

Dealt with Greg at Prairie Turf, on the recommendation of Ware. Fantastic people there. I haven't received the mower yet, but if it matches up with the pics, I feel the price was very fair (I paid $1850 with freight for those curious). It's a 2011 GM1600, and they serviced it fully including replacing bed knife, sharpening reel, and replacing a bearing before shipping.

Greg was always quick to respond, and patient with my many questions. I believe that they have a few more of these in similar condition for around the same price, if anyone is interested.

When it arrives, I will give more details on its condition etc.
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gijoe4500 said:
Ware said:
I think Mightyquinn bought a brand new Baroness in a pawn shop once...
If so, that is truly insane, and I am definitely jealous.
It is true :thumbup: Baroness LM56
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