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Sanity Check For This Week's Overseed

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Hey everyone,

My super awesome tall fescue blend is on its way, and I'll be overseeding this Friday.

(surely I'm not the only one here who takes vacation days to work on the lawn!!)

I'd like a sanity check on my plan for the day since I'm still learning and also don't want to waste a few hundred dollars in seed and labor.

1. This Thursday after work I'll be mowing a little shorter than usual - about 2.5inches - and bagging clippings.

2. Friday morning I'm power raking and then aerating.

3. After that I'll be spreading a few yards of topsoil a few inches deep in a couple large low spots.

4. Then I'm dropping seed at 4lbs/1,000sq feet except for the couple areas with topsoil which will get double that.

5. Next I'm applying Scott's Starter Fert with Weed control at the bag rate followed by Milorganite also at the bag rate.

6. Water!

I've heard recommendations both to topdress with peat and also not to bother with topdressing. Any time I've dropped seed in the past it always seems to do much better if I topdress lightly with peat moss. Thoughts?

Let me know what you guys think!
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Why don't you want seed in the holes? When we aerated and seeded at the church the only place the grass came in was in the holes. It was actually funny cuz it looked like we planted mini plugs!
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