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Sand Top Dressing Rental Equipment

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I'm in Birmingham, AL. Does anyone know where I can rent sand top dressing equipment? I hear there are places in GA that rent Turfco top dresser and a Dingo packages. Maybe this exists in BHAM?
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Ware said:
Mightyquinn said:
...the powder will go EVERYWHERE with the slightest breeze...
Funny story - several years ago I rolled out of one of those tunnel car washes on a breezy day to see one of these spreading some lime on a pasture across the highway. Needless to say I paid for two car washes that day. :lol:

:lol: That's a hilarious story. Regarding the video, I never dreamed I'd hear Collective Soul backing a lime spreading big rig video.

@gene_stl I've spread almost 1/2 ton of pelletized lime on my lot, and that's the only way I would recommend any homeowner to do it. It's easy, not messy and fairly inexpensive.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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