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Salt loving grass?

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Hey All-

I reseeded my front lawn this spring and had good results for not using any weed controls whatsoever. Here is what I started with :cry:

Here is where I am at today.

There is a strip all the way along the road where the grass didn't make it and crabgrass took over. Based on where the grass failed, I am wondering if it is the higher salt content near the road that caused it. Are there any grasses designed for this type of scenario? If not, any other tips?

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This is the tag on the bag of commercial seed that Scotts sells as 'Salt Loving' was thinking of looking at, and mixing in a few of these cultivars into my hell strip overseed next year depending on how the hell strip does thru the winter. (plows are my worst problem on that line of grass, always scraping off too much.

Also, try the screwdriver test, On my lawn, that chunk of grass has a very thin soil content over crushed stone where the road is, and where the entrance into the storm sewers is located. (town has us run drains into the crushed stone along the road, and crushed stone drains into the storm sewers)
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