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Salt loving grass?

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Hey All-

I reseeded my front lawn this spring and had good results for not using any weed controls whatsoever. Here is what I started with :cry:

Here is where I am at today.

There is a strip all the way along the road where the grass didn't make it and crabgrass took over. Based on where the grass failed, I am wondering if it is the higher salt content near the road that caused it. Are there any grasses designed for this type of scenario? If not, any other tips?

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jessehurlburt said:
So I take it "Hell Strip" is a commonly used term to describe the first foot near asphalt that gets baked? Too funny.
"Hell Strip" is the colloquial term for the section of grass in city or suburban neighborhoods between the sidewalk and the road. Depending upon one's region, it's also known by many other names, including a median strip, a parking strip, a tree lawn, a terrace, a boulevard, etc.

Almost no matter where you live, though, it's a tough area to grow desirable plants, with issues from compaction, wildly varying temperatures due to proximity to pavement, poor soil, poor or no irrigation, pedestrian traffic, dog traffic, public works construction, ... The list of complications goes on and on.

In short, it tends to be a very difficult (hellish?) place to grow a lawn.

The good news is that we don't have one (no sidewalk) but without the sidewalk, we lack a clear border between lawn and road (other than the road pavement itself) but we're working on that this fall...
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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