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Rubber Mulch

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last fall we switched to rubber mulch for our flower beds in the front. I have never been a fan of regular mulch because it can attract termites and here in the south they can reek havoc. we had been using pine straw but it wouldn't last more than 6 months before it needed to be replaced.

so far the rubber mulch has held its color very well in the Florida sun. it doesn't seem to attract ants or other pest like mulch and pine straw did and it doesn't float away when it rains cats and dogs. it was pricey but if you do the math and it last 4 or 5 years, then it's a good investment. they package says the color will last for 12 years. we shall see about that.

we got it at Home Depot and it comes in either brown or red. we have yet to see any weeds or grass growing in the beds so far.
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Rubber mulch. Almost as bad as that pea stone crap.

In a properly planted garden, you will never see the mulch (and the weeds will never see the sun).

Go with bare soil and maybe over-spray with SnapShot.
Rackhouse Mayor said:
It's also about insulating the soil from the sun as well as retaining moisture. You know, for when it gets "hotter than a $2 pistol".
Just need the right plants or a better irrigation method.

Why would you dig something up and cover the ground with... rubber... mulch?

Good grief!
Topcat said:
On the other hand, I've become acclimated. Now I will go out at noon when it is 100+ heat index and go at it. I just make sure to have plenty of water and gatorade standing by.
Dude... that southern climate is no joke. I remember going to Disney Planet (or whatever they call it down there) in Florida.

I will never forget how physically heavy the atmosphere felt. It just weighed on my shoulders. Hot... sticky... miserable.

You are right... you get used to it... but, boy! Those first couple of days there... I was dyin'!
Rackhouse Mayor said:
Everything was going fine until @BXMurphy started trolling everyone. :lol:
Good gravy! Lost my head with the rubber mulch!
kds said:
Alright, so... I have a large area where I need to mulch. The problem is, that I need about 30 cu yds. I can get a load that big delivered to me, but the dump truck won't be able to get to the area. It's going to be a hassle. I don't want to have to deal with this every year. I'm actually considering rubber mulch.

I wasn't looking for rubber mulch, but I did come across this site:

It says I can get a pallet that covers 77 sq ft delivered to me for $618. Doesn't this seem a little too good to be true?
KDS, why do you "need to mulch?"

What bothers me the MOST about rubber mulch and pea stone are two things:

1. They are tough to dig out if you change your mind.
2. Weeds STILL grow through them.

Beyond that, they make a mess when they escape their bounds and you can't walk barefoot around it.

Weren't you the guy with the terraces? Have you thought about Astro Turf and potted plants (fake or real)?

There are two or three pizza shops near me that do this and it doesn't look that bad...
raymond said:
100% agree and this is what stopped me from buying the rubber mulch. If I accidentally mow over the mulch or if it kicks out on my grass, since it's rubber it'll likely won't rot in our lifetime. Sounds like a PITA to clean up if it leaves it bounds
Man, you ain't LIVED until you've dealt with that white pea-stone crap. You can see what I mean by driving past almost any new or used car lot.

The thing I hate about mulch in general is that it still requires maintenance. You are always refreshing it and you still wind up having to spray it down with herbicide to keep the weeds from infiltrating it.

I have finally decided that since I already know how to control weeds in my lawn, I can just as easily control them in bare soil. So, the trick is don't have bare soil if you don't need it. If I'm going to plant a flower garden, I am going to minimize bare soil. Any lawn that I open up will be packed with flowers.
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