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My honda hrx217 mower finally bit the dust last season. I am looking for a rotary mower that can get the bermuda grass somewhat low (first stage of scalping) and does a really good job bagging the clippings. My honda was decent but had a tough time getting low and really didn't pick up clippings all that well. I really loved the reliability of the honda engine, but a few issues w/ the hrx217:

1) Had trouble getting below 1.5"
2) Left circles in the grass when I cut. It was twin blade system. Not real sure I would go that route again.
3) Did a poor job getting the clippings removed... even when the knob was placed all the way into the bagging position.
4) As the bagger started to fill up the mower seemed to be more back heavy.

Looking for a rotary mower that can help w/ the first stage of scalping and does a good job removing the clippings. I've invested in a greens mower so don;t really want to spend a ton on a rotary. Nice lightweight machine that has honda relaibility.

Any recommendations?

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You might want to look for something used/trade in at a dealer in your area or look at Home Depot or Lowe's for someone that returned one for whatever reason. That's where I would start. Probably wouldn't hurt to check Craigslist or FB Marketplace either.
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