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Rich's British Lawn 2017

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So after a bit of advice and quite a lot of emails back and forward from seed manufacturers. Today I laid down 324g over 9.2m² using a mix of three cultivars of Kentucky Bluegrass, or Smooth-stalked Meadow Grass if you are British.

At the moment I am only focusing on the upper level due to the fact that the fence work has taken an unexpectedly long time, so let's see how we get along.

The plan:

Leveling the bed:

Seed on the ground:

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Shipping would be a tad painful

The soil round here is amazing, we are technically on Chalk Downland but when the town was built in the 1960s the shipped in a ton of top soil to level and protect the chalk. The net effect is that I can dig down 80cm before the chalk starts to come in, I also leveled that area with an additional 150 liters of screened horticultural grade soil and dig it in thurougly.
The waiting is killing me, we have lots of cloud and light showers so I am hoping the seeds have got enough UV to germinate.
ericgautier said:
Woohoo! Congrats. How many times a day are you watering?
It's been raining quite a lot, one of the advantages of a maritime climate, on days where there has been no rain we have been watering twice a day. Will up that to three times a day if it gets warmer, it's been quite a cool September and the ground has stayed damp without the additional daily watering.

Also go the soil analysis in today:
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Day 15:

I suspect only 1 of the three cultivars have come in as yet as I potted up a monostand in seed trays and only Miracle has come in.

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Some pictures... finally...

Higher res and alternative photos are available on Lightroom.
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Looking good, it's having it tough with a long spell of hot weather, however, it's doing far better than the PRG out the front. I planted out the plugs I grew to fill in some of the spaces that must have washed away and a couple of spots of Poa Annua that I hand pulled.

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