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reseeding lawn - seed depth?

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Doing a lawn renovation in my front yard

I used a sod cutter, removed all the sod, brought it 10 yards of compost/topsoil blend and spread that out last night.

I raked everything by hand 2 times to get it ready for seed.

This week thursday im renting a toro hydro walk behind slit seeder.

my question is how deep to i set the tines to drop the seed in? I read if you go any deeper than 1/8 inch it wont germinate

When i did commercial lawn care for a living years ago,. we would rake it in 1/4 inch or deeper, or dropped it in 3" core aeration holes with good luck.

Seed i will be slit seeding is TTTF, Perennial Rye, KBG

I know id feel more comfortable going a touch deeper....atleast 1/4 inch down, if not a touch more

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If I absolutely needed to seed in the spring I'd include rye, if you only do bluegrass it will be thin.
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