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Repair in the Spring or wait until the Fall?

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Hey guys,

I put down some KBG seed this past fall and was left with quite a few bare spots. I'd like to fill these in with some new seed. I goofed last year though and forgot to put down tenacity, and there's a lot of what I believe is chickweed that popped up where I seeded this past fall. Is there any way I can treat these weeds and throw down new seed, or should I just treat the weeds now, apply fert and dimension, and apply seed in the fall? Thanks.
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Thanks guys. Looks like I'll be seeding in the fall if necessary and I need to get my Dimension down ASAP. :lol:

rockinmylawn said:
Just curious, why are there bare spots in the same places that you overseeded in the fall?

Did something not make the KBG not fill in?
I wish I knew. I'm pretty sure I followed all the steps correctly..

1. Dethatched.
2. Scalped and bagged.
3. Seed at bag rate.
4. Starter fert.
5. Cover with peat moss.
6. Tamp down.
7. Water 3x a day.

This particular area is on a hill, so I'm assuming there was runoff or something. :( I made a thread about it last summer here - I ended up seeding the area with all the dead stuff. I'll post up a picture of what it currently looks like later tonight.
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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