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Remove Bermuda and Fescue From Mother in Laws Microclover

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Not sure if this belongs in Warm Season or not. If not moderators please move.
Last year my mother-in-law decided to skip her son-in-laws advice on lawn and go with a fast talking salesman. They convinced her to hydroseed her lawn in microclover. WTF.
Ok anyway it looked surprisingly good only needed mowing 1 a month and no fertilizer requirements.

I asked her if i could put down pre-m in the spring. She said that the "All Knowing hydro-seeder said weed control wasnt required Ever"
Well she has grass in her clover now. a little bit of warm season Bermuda and cool season fescue.
Is thier anything on this earth that will kill weeds and not clover???
I know it an oxymoron like having a dandelion lawn and asking for weed control.
I gave up but now she is looking to me for advice since the hydroseeder wont return her calls.

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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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