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Reels that mow at least 1.5in

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Trying to find a powered reel and it's a bit overwhelming. Most seem to stop around 1in. Could we possibly make a sticky in this forum that could have sections and short descriptions of types of reels? Like post the manufactures and model #s with pros and cons of each?
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It looks like the JD 220E might only go as high as 3/4". There was some confusion as a chart showed that the QA5 cutting unit could go to 1.42", but there was a note above the chart that said:

NOTE: Height of cut range for the 180 E-Cut™ Hybrid and 220 E-Cut™ Hybrid mowers is 0-19 mm (0.00-0.75 in.).

I guess its a good thing thats about where i want it :?
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