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Reel Mower Choices

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Looking to get a reel mower before the spring green up. Have been looking on craigslist/facebook for a while. Typically there hasn't been much in my hometown (Huntsville), but several are out there right now. Wanted to get people's opinion on them b/c I"m a complete noob.

McLane 20" ($450) -

Trucut 20" -

McLane 20" ($295) -

McLane 20" ($650, looks to be in better condition, maybe newer?) -

Trucut 27" ($300, looks to be in a little rougher shape) -

Are any of these worth pursuing? I don't think I can spend to get a Toro or JD (yet:)), but I"d like to get into the market w/something for this season. I'm willing to drive the couple of hours to grab one of these if you think they're worth it. Would love to hear any input!
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I've been looking at a used John Deere 220E, and also the Toro 1000. My personal opinion is you get what you pay for. You can get a JD 220 for anywhere from $600-$2100 depending on condition, auction vs. ebay, etc.

I've also been told if you're cutting at 3/4-1", you want 7 blades and not more. More blades = "not better" apparently in that situation.
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