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I hand pulled a 5-gallon bucket full of varied broadleaf weeds (bittercrest, Carolina geranium, chickweed?) along with some perennial blue-eye grass starting to germinate and popcorn tree seedlings that are trying to take hold. I then spot sprayed some green kyllinga that's hanging on from last season with Dismiss at .25oz/gallon.

The bermuda (and the kyllinga) never went full dormant so it is going to be an early spring, I believe. Scalp is coming soon along with another round of sand leveling. Photo is from January 5, 2020 for starting reference.

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Thanks, @Bermuda_Rooster!

I couldn't wait any longer so I scalped it down to .25" double cut with the GM1000. I don't have a catcher so my grass catcher was a 15 year old bagging it behind me with the rotary. I barely got it done before sunset but was able to sneak a couple of photos for the journal.
I'm real happy with how much green is still left after the scalp.

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I did another mow today and bumped the HOC up to 3/8" and applied 10-10-10 at .5lbN/1000. It has been nice and warm around 70 degrees and sunny for the past few days. There is no cold weather in the near future.

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Maintenance cut at 3/8" and trim.
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I put down sand for the first level of the season. The Bermuda has woke up and should come through the sand pretty quickly. I had help from my two teenagers who took turns filling and driving the gorilla cart as I raked it smooth. I then ran a drag mat over it multiple times in all directions.
I think I will just have to spot level the trouble spots for the rest of the season. This round got it pretty smooth.

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I mowed at .20". I only did a single pass as I was getting into a lot of the sand and the reel was not too happy about it.
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Thanks, @Bmossin!

I used a drag mat and am regretting it now. It worked the sand into the grass really well but did very little to level. I should have stuck to my rigid drag. I still have plenty of sand left so I will work on it section by section throughout the season.
One week of growth. Spots in the foreground are from mole cricket damage that was treated prior to leveling.

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I mowed doubles at .3" and applied 13-13-13 at .67lbs NPK per 1000sf.
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.3" maintenance mow. It's filling in nicely from the sand.
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Did a second Bifen XTS treatment for mole crickets and mowed at .3".
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Applied the season's first T-Nex app at .25oz/1000sf spiked with urea at .12lbs N/1000sf and FEature at 2oz/1000sf.
Thanks, @testwerke. I still have many more rounds to go before it smooths out.
Disregard my questions/comments on the warm season lawn thread because this journal just answered them all. I read all the time and my lawn is one of the best in my neighborhood but I still feel like such a newcomer when I see a journal like yours. Your lawn really is my dream lawn. We both have large lawns, mine is long does it take with a reel? Also, I used mostly Lesco 38-0-0 and 46-0-0 last season and it just never seemed to "wake up" my lawn. I ran a soil sample around August last year which showed some deficiencies. This season I think I am going to take a more balanced approach. Started with 400 pounds of Milorganite and 100lbs of Dithyopyr last weekend. Nest next weekend I'm putting down 13-13-13 at 1lb N per 1k and some Main Event. What other suggestions do you have?
My soil is almost straight sugar sand so I have found that the balanced ferts really make it pop more than hitting it with straight nitrogen. I have not done a soil test yet... but probably should... maybe later... :roll:

I have a SA/Centipede mix in the front that covers about 8K sf. As far as mowed Bermuda, I only have about 12K sf. It takes me about 90 minutes to do the doubles including a quick string trimming. I very rarely do singles because I can't keep them straight. I'm thinking you'd be looking at over 2 hours to do 26K with a walking reel mower.
Mowed at .3". The PGR has kicked in quickly. I was barely cutting anything after 3 days of not mowing. My mole cricket damage is healing nicely. Those little boogers are so quick to damage.

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