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Red's Edwin 1.0 Reel Mower by Swardman Review

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I'd like to be clear that I was only able to spend 2-3 hours with the unit. This is a first impressions review.

I like the curves of the mower, it looks very sleek and appealing from all angles in person.

The extra cartidges seem well built and functional.

The cutting cartridges are well built and strong. They have a reel to bed knife adjustment, and I'm fairly certain I could backlap the unit if needed. Having the option to professionally grind the reel in the off season is awesome.

The engine is smooth and quiet, I like Kawasaki engines!

The rear drum had some minor dent damage from previous users. The drum feels strong to the touch, but was damaged from rolling over a rocks or ???

I didn't like the handle bar being multi jointed. It feels flimsy to me, but it is plenty strong for the weight of the mower.

NO PLASTIC! Good work.

The design is simple. I like simple. It's easier to trouble shoot, easier to work on, easier to understand.

They are easy to understand and in erginomical locations. The handle bar has 4-5 holes in 2 different locations giving optimum adjustment for the user. The Reel and Drive are responsive and can be used independantly from each other, this is a feature that I miss very much from my TC H20. The engine speed control is easy to access and responsive.

HOC adjustment is very easy and unlike a greens mower can be done with the engine running on the lawn. Unfortunately the HOC seems to be inaccurate as the measurement lines are on the belt cover that can be moved up and down with a slight bump (I believe this was fixed with the current Edwin 2.0 models for sale).

This is the point that I was really surprised. The 6 blade reel had ZERO trouble slicing through the dense stolons of dormant Bermuda grass. If you've ever scalped with a reel mower, you know how the dense mat of bermuda stolons can often clog your reel and cause it to stop. This didn't happen once, not even at lower engine speeds.

Cutting the PRG in @Ware's back lawn was effortless, I paid special attention to the HOC difference from left to right as I've seem some mowers with a single point HOC adjuster cut higher on one side. This was not the case, I could'nt see any difference.

The unit is light, so the drive control is not always needed. A few times I used the drive to get the unit moving then pushed it myself for the remainder of the pass. You are also able to feather the drive control allowing better agility around objects and turning in tight spaces. Turning is easy, and I didn't have issues with the transport wheels interfering with the turns.

The grass catcher worked very well and holds a good amount of material, but I don't like how close my hand would get to the hot engine when removing and replacing the catcher. I feel the catcher would beinifit from a handle further down away from the engine.

This system of removalble cartridges is much better than I anticipated. They are very easy to remove and replace. They can be used with or without the grass catcher.

I used the scarifier cartridge for a few passes, but with no grass in the front lawn I can't say much about its ability. I Didn't even install the Verticutter cartidge as I felt it would be a simular outcome. The brush attachment had some shipping damage and wasn't able to fit in the unit. We gently moved the damaged area back into place, but it still wouldn't fit correctly into the unit.

Using this unit was a lot like the first time I used a Dyson Vacuum. It is lighter and quieter than all the power reel mowers I've used, and at first, I didn't think it would work. HOWEVER, just like my Dyson, I was very impressed with it's abilities and user friendliness. Much like a Dyson Vacuum, the price can be a large obstacle for many people. I don't plan to buy one, as I have a lot invested in my current mower inventory. If I do come to a point of replacing my mowers, I will give Swardman a serious second look.

My Swardman
If I was to order a swordsman today, this is what I would order.

Edwin 2.0 55mm
10 Blade
Anthracit color
Verticutter Cartridge
Beer Holder!
Front roller wiper
Rear drum wiper
Transport wheels (not an option on the @Reelrollers site?)

I'd like to thank @SwardmanGuy for sending a unit close enough for me to try it out!
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Redtenchu said:
I'd like to be clear that I was only able to spend 2-3 hours with the unit. This is a first impressions review.
... Unfortunately the HOC seems to be inaccurate as the measurement lines are on the belt cover that can be moved up and down with a slight bump (I believe this was fixed with the current Edwin 2.0 models for sale).
Very detailed and thorough review! I've not paid much attention to the HOC scale in relation to movement of the side cover, but will check it out tomorrow evening after work. The 1.0 had the scale on the aft end of the cover, so any upward movement of the cover could affect where you thought you set your HOC. The 2.0 is on the top of the mower so any forward or aft movement on the cover will affect where you thought the HOC was set at. I will see if the cover moves forward and aft with bumps.

The one thing to keep in mind, is that once you set the HOC and lock it with the allen bolt the HOC that you set will not change while mowing. Which leads me to another point. Be sure to lock the HOC in place with the allen bolt after setting and before mowing.

In my haste to give mine a test run yesterday, I set the HOC, then started mowing.... After I was done, I tilted the mower to the transport wheels to push across the driveway. That is when I noticed the missing allen key that I did not tighten after setting the HOC. It was there before I started, and now it was gone. It worked loose and fell out while mowing. A walk of the lawn yielded nothing, so I chalked it up to negligence and decided to go to Lowe's to buy replacement.

After putting the mower away, I pulled the landscape blade out to touch up a few places where the mower did not reach - and that is when I found it.

That is the last time that will happen. As previously stated in the Swardman Mower Thread, Swardman includes a tool pouch on the mower with an allen key to lock the HOC, and make adjustments to the position of the handlebars, and a wrench to set the bed knife/reel adjustment. There is no reason to NOT lock the HOC after adjusting.
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