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Red thread still lingering

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Mid April to late May brought rain like every other day. I've had red thread since mid May and it's still lingering...not only are there brown patches (not brown patch!), but I can still see some red in the middle of the spots, even though we haven't had rain in a week and a half. As expected, areas with fine fescue are the most impacted. The only part of the yard that seems immune is the back, which is only TTTF and KBG. (In the No-mix areas where there is PR or FF, the KBG and TTTF are slightly affected.) Despite pounding the side yard with Nitrogen (0.25 lb/M of N every week or two when we were getting rain) and having put down Milorganite in the low-input area over a week ago before the most recent rain, these areas are still affected. I have not watered most of those areas.

Could the nighttime dew be enough of a moisture source to keep the disease going?
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@Green have you put down any fungicide? I had red thread too a few weeks ago and put down Azoxystrobin, I used Scotts Disease Ex, and it pretty much all disappeared in 10 days.
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