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I live one town away from you and know your situation well. Back in the days when I did the leaves myself, I had both a push and backpack blower, but even those weren’t powerful enough to move the leaf piles once they got to a certain size. I now use a landscaper, and he uses 3-4 people working together to get all of the leaves into the woods.

Here‘s a suggestion that you probably won’t like: wait until Spring to clean up the leaves. Here is my rationale:

- Some oak trees won’t drop all of their leaves until new growth comes out in the Spring.

- No matter how many times you clean up, the wind will blow more leaves onto your property anyway.

- The leaves will dry out and be much lighter in the Spring, making them easier to blow into the woods..

- A lot of dead branches & other debris will fall on your lawn over the winter anyway, so why not just do one medium-difficulty cleanup rather than several difficult ones?
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