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Rechargeable backpack CLEANING procedures?

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'Mornin', all 1,000 of ya :lol:

Quick question: with electronics for the rechargeable 24v battery pack on board (even when that battery is disconnected); is water or moisture an issue or concern when cleaning rechargeable backpack sprayers?

I ask as I was cleaning out my manual pump backpack yesterday (after a search and destroy for goosegrass, which I now dread for all time, up there with crabgrass and the two poa's :shock: ) and it occurred to me things can get pretty wet when I am cleaning out my pump sprayers (after I've gotten the actual rinsate out after the initial flushes that is)

Y'all definitely have me picking a 24v Chapin up from Northern Tool in the very near future (gee, my deltoids are gonna miss the work-outs, NOT!) but, I can't help wondering if water and moisture are of concern.

Thanks in advance! :thumbup:
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@grassdaddy, thanks, wasn't even aware that mfr / model was out there ....
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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