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Anyone used quinclorac during sprigging, stolonizing, or even seeding?

I keep seeing it listed as a pre and post em on university documents.

Even Drive XL8's label says quincloac can be used before seeding, at seeding, 7/14/28 days after emergence, and can be applied prior, at, or after sprigging.

So, does quinclorac linger in the soil and what would it target via this usage?

I'm just trying to figure out other sprigging weed management options for a future project, other than simazine or oxadiazon.

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That is what it is used for on rice fields as Facet. Quinclorac is actually rather persistent in soil. It lasts long enough that rainfall will move it into the water table, according to my Department of Health. On cropland, application of Quinclorac means that field is not to be planted to non tolerant crops for up to 2 years
Facet L is not much different from Drive XlR8. AG labels are actually good reading material for lawn people.
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