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quinclorac and sledgehammer mix on Bermuda

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Anyone has mixed quinclorac and sledgehammer for application on hybrid bermuda?
I have hybrid bermuda and I have read that quinclorac can cause some stress in hybrid bermuda. Till now I have been using a brush to apply quinclorac on post emergent crab grass and it has weaken them but I think I need another application, no problem seen on Hybrid Bermuda with this type of application.
I also have problems with nutsledge now and need to apply sledgehammer. I was planning to mix both and apply using a back pack sprayer with fan tip on both crab grass and nutsledge. Would this cause any problem to my hybrid bermuda?
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I have never mixed those two products, but I have mixed Sedgehammer and Celsius with no issues. Many herbicides can temporarily stress bermuda - I wouldn't worry too much about it though.
metro424 said:
...Check the sedgehammer label to see what it wants for an adjuvant...
The 13.5g SedgeHammer Plus packets contain surfactant. The 1.33oz SedgeHammer bottle does not.
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