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Quickest Germination?

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I seeded some TTTF/KBG into some trays on Sunday night and when I checked this morning there was consistent germination in each one. By my calculations that would be somewhere between 3 to 3 and a half days. Most places you read say it takes 7-21 days to germinate but I'm consistently seeing germination in 5 or 6 on the ground and 3 in this case. So that brings me to the question, what's the quickest germination anyone has seen? Germination that fast seems like it shouldn't be possible.

Some additional info on the conditions:
- Kept outside
- 1 day sun, 2 days full clouds
- Watered 2 to 3 times a day
- Scott's Starter fertilizer and Peat Moss
- 93% Firecracker/Summer/Valkyrie/Raptor TTTF
- 7% Jackpot/Dauntless KBG
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ericgautier said:
SJ Lawn said:
Germination rate is generally more important than speed.

Here's a progress pic...

at Day 21 will test your patience. :lol:
According to the dates in those pictures it's 1 day. What's your secret?

When was the actual seed down date?
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