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Quick & Easy Learner Thread - Bermuda!

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This just shows what a little bit of knowledge from these guys here can do.

I started my old house with new sod and after learning here, bought a Tru Cut 27. Old yard looked like a golf course when we sold the house.

If you follow these steps with Bermuda or similar in the South, you'll have a nice yard!

(It can obviously be much more involved but this is to help others for a quick solution)

Scalp when temp starts rising in spring
Pre-Emergent once in Spring and once in Fall
Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food every 6 weeks per instructions on bag (start once yard is almost all green)
Cut low and often never taking more than 1/3 off
Water 1" weekly

This is my parents yard today, 3 weeks ago it was 4 inches tall, VERY thin, and looked awful.

He didn't need a big mower because the yard is obviously tiny so I told him to buy a Fiskars reel.

Scalped it with my rider, fertilized it once and watered the heck out of it. Kept it low with Rider until reel came in.

I have cut it ONE time with the reel and it is now low (1"), MUCH thicker, and in a few weeks will look amazing!

Needs sand in a couple of spots too.

I had to take a good bit off today so lost some green but that will come back. I cannot believe how quickly it improved.

Just thought I'd share! That's also a GREAT mower for a small/flat yard if anyone is interested in a cheap and quiet way to have a great looking yard - ***if your yard is small***

It needs to be edged obviously but didn't have time for that today.

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