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Question on Kyllinga control with Halosulfuron-methyl

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Posting this in warm season because I think it'll get more action...

Every Summer, I get a little bit of Kyllinga in a certain area. I think it's False Green. It's a really cool-looking plant. Anyway...
Finally decided to try spraying it last year to gain some control. Picked up a packet of Prosedge, and read the directions thoroughly before using.

Like a total amateur, I pulled off the flowers/seedheads first, because I didn't want the seeds spreading and landing in the soil. But the leaves come off with the flowers...LOL. So, there were only stalks left when I sprayed. Yeah, it's funny. I know.

Anyone know if the stalks actually absorb the herbicide? I didn't think about it until after I had sprayed.

Note, by seedheads/flowers, I mean when they were green and soon after they had first formed.
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Hm, interesting. I haven't tried halosulfuron-methyl with my kyllinga problem, I went with Dismiss(sulfentrazone). I do know that there is some soil residual that the sulfentrazone can provide to help suppress any newer growth, and I had good results with it. I can tell you that I didn't have near the amount of luck with the Prosedge that I tried on a similarly infested area of my yard that had goose grass and kyllinga in. I sprayed both areas with different products, and the sulfentrazone absolutely scorched my target pests, and I had mediocre results with the Prosedge.

My $0.02.
@high leverage I had equal amounts of the kyllinga in the areas that I was treating, and you're correct that the Goosegrass wouldn't have been affected by the Sedgehammer. I just saw better results with the Dismiss on both pests, even though the cost per app was higher, it took care of both problem weeds that I had. I'm hoping I don't have to battle with them again this year as much, because unlike last year, I put down PreM. I'm still new to the whole proper lawn maintenance program, and I respect your experience with chemical applications.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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