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Question on Kyllinga control with Halosulfuron-methyl

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Posting this in warm season because I think it'll get more action...

Every Summer, I get a little bit of Kyllinga in a certain area. I think it's False Green. It's a really cool-looking plant. Anyway...
Finally decided to try spraying it last year to gain some control. Picked up a packet of Prosedge, and read the directions thoroughly before using.

Like a total amateur, I pulled off the flowers/seedheads first, because I didn't want the seeds spreading and landing in the soil. But the leaves come off with the flowers...LOL. So, there were only stalks left when I sprayed. Yeah, it's funny. I know.

Anyone know if the stalks actually absorb the herbicide? I didn't think about it until after I had sprayed.

Note, by seedheads/flowers, I mean when they were green and soon after they had first formed.
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@Green I would venture to guess you might have waited too late in the season for satisfactory results on your Kyllinga. You mentioned a frost happened soon after you applied the Halosulfuron. This herbicide is systemic and can take a few weeks to a month for a complete kill. When I come across Kyliinga or really any nutgrass for that matter there are usually other underlying problems that greatly contribute to it's presence. Excessive moisture being the most common factor. Nutsedge/ kyllinga love moisture and are usually found in areas that are over watered or in low laying depression that naturally retain moisture for extended periods. You might need to adjust your water schedules and amounts for those problem areas.

@Colonel K0rn Halosulfuron is actually the active ingredient in Prosedge/Sedgehammer. If I remember correctly Goosegrass is not labeled on Halsulfuron based products.
Green said:
Note, by seedheads/flowers, I mean when they were green and soon after they had first formed.
I'm sorry I need to learn how to read. Lol. For what ever reason I read this as frost formed instead of "first formed"

Disregard my post.

Yes the stalks will absorb the halosulfuron. Did you use a surfactant or did the Prosedge have a surfactant included in it's formula? I don't use halosulfuron so I'm not certain on the formulation.
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