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Question About Dead Grass

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I'm just wondering how the straw colored grass in the ground goes away and why it isn't happening in my yard. This is the first year cutting reel low and it's bothering me seeing all this dead looking grass. Past years mowing it high it was always a dark green by now.

I'm starting to get concerned that I'm hurting my grass somehow.
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gatormac2112 said:
@Spammage @Ware @Mightyquinn

I'm going to verticut and scarify today, but I have a bigger issue that is contributing to my problems I believe. Walking around the yard to the thin areas I can't pass the screwdriver test. In some cases I can't go down 1 inch. Apparently the wonderful people that laid the sod down didn't care that they were laying it on rocks and concrete. This is literally all over my yard. I can't dig up my entire yard.

What can I do?
I think a good 1/4 inch top dress would help both your problems.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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