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Hi all. Novice lawn person here who has used this site over the years to educate myself. So thank you. I'm finally pushed to ask a question. I've searched and found many similar questions/threads but I find myself confused by my particular soil challenges and how to address them. I'm hoping for some advice on specifically how to tackle this. Here are the basics.

1. I have a naturally acid soil. I've worked over the years to get that to a good place, and now find it in a good spot.
2. I also have a very high phosphorus soil, and am paying extra attention to any products I put down ensuring that they don't add any additional phosphorus.
3. The problem. So my latest soil test shows some good progress in my efforts. My phosphorus levels are coming down from previous years PH is looking good etc. However, I'm showing deficiencies with several nutrients (potassium, sulfur, magnesium, iron, and boron). Any advice on product(s) that would help with these while not negatively affecting the elements that are in balance?
4. Worth noting that after this test I have already added a slow release fertilizer (with 0 phosphorus) that will push the nitrogen and potassium levels seen here up.

Here are my soil test results.
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Checkout this thread about adding sulfur without affecting pH. Looks like gypsum might work well for you. Or Epsom salt. Or both to get Ca and Mg + S. Definitely do NOT use elemental sulfur as that will reduce your pH. Somebody mentioned Borax for Boron in that thread.

For iron checkout the Ferrous Ammonium Sulfate thread (will also add a little bit of sulfur): Ferrous Ammonium Sulfate | Liquid Iron for Lawns
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With 5k sqft I would keep this simple. Like really simple! As in, follow a good TTTF fertilization regimen that feeds the turf the right nutrients when they need it most and don't overcompensate by going heavy with any one nutrient. The recommended 0-0-48 at 5#/1000 every 4-6 weeks seems a bit excessive in my view.

As general knowledge be aware that sulfate fertilizers will add the needed sulfur for your turf. Sulfate of Potash will add both Potassium & Sulfur, & Ammonium Sulfate will add both Nitrogen & Sulfur. Two birds one stone. (A blend containing AMS + POS would be especially easy on you with your size yard).

I just checked SiteOne near you and they carry 0-0-50 SOP and 21-0-0 AMS, if you want to mix your own or to apply as individual apps. I have the soluble version of these and apply them as a foliar spray as needed.
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They also sell a premium blend LebanonTurf 18-0-18 that would work for you as well and, despite the cost, may be worth it if you value the convenience. It's really meant as a golf course greens product so it's way overkill for TTTF. Opt for the cheaper polymer-coated urea 18-0-18 if you want to keep things really simple, and supplement it with a micronutrient spray or soluble product such as this. As you can see you have lots of choices.. it's a matter of preference now.
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